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B2Group // Partner GRANDIMPIANTI ALI S.p.A.

B2Group takes advantage of its years of experience to offer a full support in the design, supply and installation stages, guaranteeing products that meet even the most complex expectations, with tailored, turnkey solutions that feature only high quality materials.

Distribuzione e assistenza in più di 100 paesi.

By the partnership with GRANDI IMPIANTI ALI S.p.A. world leader in Horeca, we are able to offer a world wide service, meeting any kind of need or request. Much more than consultants: we pursue excellence in everything we do, from managing our company to providing technical assistance, and from designing to supplying and mounting our products. In all our activities, we move from the assumption that “reasonably well” is just a starting point.


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Brands at your service


Employees in 30 countries




Years of experience

Ali Group is an Italian Corporation founded 50 years ago, our Group has an extensive portfolio of companies that offer the most complete range of innovative brands to meet your every need, the engineering heritage and the traditions of several of our companies date back more than 100 years and include some of the most respected brands in the industry.
Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, cafeteria, bakery, bar, patisserie, gelateria or supermarket, we have the right product for you. We have even supplied the United Nations with mobile kitchen units for peace-keeping missions.
Wherever you go in the world, Ali Group is there with you, to help you provide the best foodservice solutions for your customers.
Working together with other companies is stimulating and encourages development and innovation.


We provide full services all over the world

Ali Group si è sviluppato su scala internazionale nell’arco di cinquant’anni, grazie all’acquisizione di aziende in ogni parte del mondo.

Ali Group is active on all continents of the world with local companies that have a strong tradition in their area.

Each company is run by local management who have the sensibility and expertise needed to develop that specific market. This philosophy allows Ali to strengthen its global position in the foodservice equipment industry while remaining relevant and competitive in single marketplaces.

Ali Group: global interpreters of local culture and cuisine.

Over the next few years, you will see Ali Group investing in rapidly expanding markets: from Africa to Asia, from the USA to Latin America.

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