For his Bali restaurant, Jamie’s Italian chose Ambach

For his Bali restaurant, Jamie’s Italian chose Ambach

The solution provided by the company has far exceeded the expectations of the restaurant, looking for a high-performance kitchen designed to bring authentic Italian cuisine to Bali.

Jamie’s Italian is located in the heart of Kuta Beach, Bali’s famous entertainment and shopping district. The design of the restaurant gives a nod to the history of Bali: in a contemporary and informal setting, the venue hosts beautiful works by local artists. From the sunny terrace overlooking the street to the wide bar up to the open kitchen upstairs, Jamie’s Italian satisfies everyone’s tastes and it is impossible not to get caught up in the enthusiasm of this lively restaurant. Founded in 2008 in Oxford by Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor, chef Gennaro Contaldo, the brand Jamie’s Italian has become famous and now has more than 60 restaurants worldwide. Everywhere, offers a menu based on the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine but also on the philosophy – also all Italian – of eating meals as a moment of relaxation and sharing the pleasures of the table with others.

Each Jamie’s Oliver restaurant is designed in a unique way but with a constant: wherever you always breathe a bit of Jamie’s enthusiasm and energy, together with its unfailing touch of innovation and creativity that enriches Italian-inspired dishes.


The team at Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Bali needed a sturdy and durable kitchen to prepare a large number of dishes in quick times. Despite the 176 seats divided into two floors, the space available in the kitchen is only 20 square meters. For this reason, it was necessary to find a compact solution with minimum dimensions that would guarantee high productivity. The needs were clear and the work team very demanding: from pasta kettles to be made to measure at refrigerated counters to be integrated into the cooking block. All the available space had to be optimized to allow us to work in the name of maximum efficiency and quality.


With the collaboration of the Kasirano dealer, Ambach quickly provided the most suitable solution to satisfy restaurant requests. Jamie’s has chosen System 850, the modular cooking line that offers the widest configuration flexibility through a range of over 150 operating modules.

The supplied cooking block not only adapts perfectly to the limited space in the kitchen, but also guarantees great productivity and speed of preparation. As required, two refrigerated cabinets were also integrated under the cooking area for the preservation of meat and vegetables; equipment that companies generally can not provide in such tight spaces.

Not only that: to allow Chefs to work easily on the cooking block, Ambach has designed and produced specifically for Jamie’s a double square steel handrail on which to place the containers for sauces used in the various menus.

“Jamie made a specific request for the pasta cookers, who had to have an automatic water filling system to leave the kitchen staff free from this activity. We have thus designed an ad hoc solution “, explained Maurizio Vianello, MD of Ambach.

“It was not only challenging to customize each element of this project, but also to manage the logistics and installation of the machines. Everything had to be transported to the second floor of the restaurant, which could only be accessed by a spiral staircase. For this, we had to transport the equipment in small modules and then assemble everything in place, “adds Kartika Sulistiowati, MD of the partner contractor Kasirano who coordinated the project.

In this sense, Jamie’s choice of the System 850 line proved to be the optimal solution. Thanks to the frame structure, the block can be divided into the upper and lower part for easier movement, and then easily reassembled on site.

The hard work and commitment of all the people involved in the project have amply repaid with the great customer satisfaction. Kartika Sulistiowati worked closely with the restaurant team and Ambach. “We created exactly what the customer wanted with a final result that goes even beyond his expectations. It’s wonderful to work with companies like Ambach, known for their extraordinary flexibility and personalization capabilities, “comments Kartika.


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