Lainox team play

Lainox team play

Changing the corporate culture is one of the most difficult things. For Marco Ferroni and his team at Lainox, recognizing the value of people is essential for success.

For Marco Ferroni, General Manager of Lainox since 2012, “saying that people are important” is an understatement, because in reality, they can create or destroy a company. “People are the engine and the fuel,” he says. company with a mediocre product, but with the right people, it has more chances of success than one with an excellent product, but with unmotivated and passionate people “.

The right people are the ones who share the company’s values.
And because it is difficult to change values and mentality, a good manager must know who to hire. To avoid mistakes, the first step is to define the values precisely.
Ferroni started this process a few years ago involving the whole company. Together with his team he identified the ten values that best represent the Lainox brand, such as trust, result orientation and team spirit.

After choosing the right people, you have to work together to achieve a common goal and to do so, it is useful to follow some basic principles. The first is to establish clear goals for teams and individuals, so that there is balance. “In Lainox we prefer those who can play as a team, we don’t like individualists,” says Ferroni. The only thing a manager doesn’t have to do is motivate people. “We are not motivators,” says Ferroni, “our task is to set goals and help people achieve them.”
It is hard work, which is carried out day after day. You sweat every conquest, even the smallest. “To change the culture of a company, we need to consider several factors, not only the evolution of the market but also the values. For me, the most difficult challenge was bringing everyone on board, “says Ferroni.

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