The IOT of Grandimpianti I.L.E. has won the Smart Label 2017 award

2017 was a year of great success for Grandimpianti I.L.E. and the Smart Label award, given at the last edition of Host, was only the last among the awards obtained.

The award went to the GWH105 washing machine equipped with the innovative Wavy control system, the touch panel extremely simple and intuitive that gives a nod to the hi-tech world.Wavy exploits the potential of the app language, to make it easier and faster daily work in the laundry. It is a control system that speaks the language of the operator because it adapts to his level of experience.

Wavy demonstrates the company’s great attention in the IOT (Internet of Things), ie the commitment to developing innovative solutions able to create digital connections between products for a continuous improvement of the user experience.
Thanks to the connection to WavyCloud via the Wi-Fi network, Grandimpianti I.LE. it makes it possible to monitor the operation and performance of one or more extrusion machines (laundries, self-service, condominiums, hospitals, etc.), program the equipment and organize the workflows in the best possible way. Not only that, the system also allows easier management of the costs of the activity (cycles performed, consumption, standby, collections) allowing you to remotely set accounting values ​​(cycle cost, water, detergents), with a significant reduction in time and the personnel necessary for control.


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